ASSI Research & Awards Committee Role and Responsibilities

  • ASSI CME and research online for FNB & Consultants
  • Completion of Existing Research Programs
  • Screening for Research Awards
  • Evaluation of Research Awards
  • Shortlist judges for evaluating applications for the Research Award
  • Call for research projects in a format
  • Monitoring & Managing Awards.
  • Prepare a "Research Guidelines/Criteria" for inviting a new center/member in ASSI Multicenter Research Projects and the same should be published it on the ASSI website.
  • There should be a separate webpage for “Research activities” which includes Completed/Ongoing and new research projects. This webpage links to the ASSI website.
  • Should prepare a common proforma for writing a Research Proposal as well for multicenter studies.
  • Prepare standard template for "Research presentations". This will ensure that all the important points have been covered.
  • Encouraged to have a "Workshops on Research Methodology" on a virtual platform. ASSI as well as Guest faculty would be invited to facilitate the event. This will help to develop the research orientation amongst fellows.
  • To collaborate or partner with other prestigious research organizations


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