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Message from the President’s Desk

Dear ASSI members,

It is a huge responsibility to live up to the recognition that you have bestowed upon me as President of this august body. I feel honored and humbled by trying to follow in the footsteps of my predecessors who have been instrumental in the phenomenal growth of this organization in the last 3 decades.

ASSI remains committed to Education, Training and Research. In the midst of these keywords, we find ourselves devoted to enhancing the quality of our fellowship programs, improving our research endeavors to match global standards and introducing novel concepts of simulated learning. In the process of our educational efforts, we will highlight our case discussion forums and complete the coveted e-learning portal so that it becomes the best available virtual resource for professionals and the lay community. On an equally eloquent note, we need to express ourselves through the Indian Spine Journal (ISJ) and would leave not a single stone unturned to make it comparable to international standards.

We are also focused upon giving you the best educational programs in ASSI conferences including ASSICON, ASSSI Live Surgical Course and ICS. This will not be limited to the select few who can attend these meetings because we reach out to the tier 2 and 3 cities of India through the ASSI Outreach Program. We are on the process of making our website more informative and technologically up to the mark so that seamless viewing, downloading and payments are possible. The ASSI Spine Registry has to be amalgamated into the website so that this colossal database can be made to fruitful use.

Advocacy is a crucial step for us and ASSI should evolve to be a voice to be reckoned with so that our recommendations make a substantial impact on policy makers and regulatory bodies. The newly set up Finance committee will address all related issues and will strive hard to achieve a robust financially sound ASSI which can deliver the best to all its members. Membership registration and implementation of the VAS membership will be a priority. Finally, the Nomination committee will ensure the smooth transition of leadership so that leaders of the future will propel ASSI to dizzy heights of excellence!
To this end I commit myself and seek your continuous cooperation and blessings.
Long live ASSI, Jai Hind!


Non Member