Multi-centre Project Guidelines

  • The PI or Co-PI has to be an ASSI member in good standing. PI can submit a research protocol to ASSI research committee for consideration of ASSI multicentric study.
  • The accepted research questions for new multicentric study after research committee clearance will be advertised on ASSI website as well as through ASSI blast mails and all centres willing to participate will have to send their participation intent and proof of eligibility.
  • All applications from potential Co-PIs should be addressed to the Secretariat - a separate email. Proof of eligibility should confirm adequate number of subjects, adequate technical expertise, adequate time and manageability in terms of scope.
  • After the applications of participating surgeons/centres should again be screened by the Research Committee before finalizing it. Final acceptance will be discretion of ASSI research committee.
  • All participants will follow ethical guidelines in research as per ICMR norms. Getting primary ethical approval for the study will be the responsibility of PI. Primary ethical approval may be used for getting ethical approval by all Co-PIs as per requirements of their centre.
  • Each centre will nominate one contact person (co-PI may nominate himself too),it will be responsibility of contact person to respond to PI with all required details/information within a reasonable period of time. Each Co-PI or his representative should attend project meeting, whenever planned. All correspondence from ASSI will be done with PI only.
  • The timelines of the Multicentric Research should be finalized and should be followed unless some acceptable reason is there. Monitoring of the same should be done on a regular basis by the Research Committee. It will be the responsibility of PI to present 6 monthly reports to ASSI research committee. Final report of the project will be submitted by the PI to the ASSI on the completion of the project period and in no case later than three months thereafter.
  • PI will also ensure a good published manuscript in a journal of PubMed repute. Authorship of such trials related papers and presentations will be decided by PI. A broad guide regarding order of authors may be related to volume of data provided by that Co-PI. However, PI (the originator of research question and proposal) discretion will be final in case of any controversy.
  • ASSI strongly encourages new investigators to apply. There is no limit of number of research projects for a centre to participate.
  • ASSI will not support research for independent manufacturers, industry development or personal business financial gain.


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